The Extension Gasket Cutter

The Extension Gasket Cutter saves money and costly downtime by enabling anyone to cut accurate gaslets, quickly and efficiently on the job, when they are needed! Cuts all gasketing materials, including compressed asbestos, cork, rubber, PTFE, fibre, etc. Cutting capacity from ¼" to 60" in diameter, and up to ¾" thick. An efficient and easy-to-use tool that eliminates waste and costly errors. Available in six convenient kits to meet a broad range of cutting requirements.
  • Style No. 1, capacity to 12"
  • Style No. 2, capacity to 24"
  • Style No. 3, capacity to 36"
  • Style No. 4, capacity to 48"
  • Style No. 5, capacity to 60"
  • Style No. 6, capacity to 12"
All Styles packed in metal box. See parts list for parts contained in each Style. Style No. 6 is less Fig. 12 Cutting Board.

Extension Gasket Cutter
Fig. 1 - Cutter Block and Head  Fig. 9 - Center Pin Ferrule
Fig. 2 - Cutter Head Screws  Fig. 10 - Extension Bar (12" to 24")
Fig. 3 - Cutting Blades (6 per pkg.)  Fig. 11 - Extension Bar (over 24")
Fig. 4 - Pivot Post  Fig. 12 - Cutting Board Complete
Fig. 5 - Pivot Post for Extension Bars  Fig. 13 - Metal Box
Fig. 6 - Thumb Nut  Fig. 14 - Cutting Pad
Fig. 6A - Thumb Nut for Fig. 11  Fig. 15 - Cutting Knob
Fig. 7 - Fibre Washer  Fig 16 - Post with Offset Pin
Fig. 8 - Short Center Pin  Fig. 17 - Piercing Tool
Fig. 8A Long Center Pin  Fig. 18 - Screw Driver

Additional Parts Available
Fig. 3A - Heavy Duty Cutting Blades (6 per pkg.)
Fig. 12A - Cutting Board Complete, size 24" x 24"
Fig. 12B - Cutting Board Complete, size 30" x 30"
Fig. 14A - Cutting Pad, size 24" x 24"
Fig. 14B - Cutting Pad, size 30" x 30"

Arch Punches

Number 149 
Arch Punch

Arch punches are drop forged in one piece from the finest special carbon steel in sizes from 3/16" to 2¼" diameter. Larger sizes are made with our properly engineered two piece welded construction. A unique feature of the arch punch is the inside taper which permits the punchings to clear easily through the barrel. Punches have fully polished barrel and black enamel handle.

The cutting edge is fully tempered all the way through and properly finished to provide long use and trouble free punching. There is no other hollow punch that can compare. Meets government standards.

#149 Arch Punch
SizeUPC #SizeUPC #SizeUPC #
Note: Punches are also available in metric sizes.

These punches should be used on a wood or plastic cutting block. The use of a wooden or rawhide mallet is recommended. Steel hammers are not recommended.

Arch Punch Kits

Number K-14 
Arch Punch Kit

K-14 Arch Punch Kit

This set of seven arch punches includes the sizes most widely used. They are put up in a sturdy, easy to use canvas tool roll.

One each of the following sizes #149 Arch Punch
UPC #01180

Number K-16 
Arch Punch Kit

K-16 Arch Punch Kit

This set of seven arch punches includes the sizes incremented by 2/16". They are put up in a sturdy, easy to use canvas tool roll.

One each of the following sizes #149 Arch Punch
UPC #01181

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